House Rules.

Magic Creation

Except for healing or anything of a cure\helping nature (Remove Disease, Dispel Magic, etc) they are personal use only….IE Wand of Fly, only works on the user of the wand. Wands are not bound, so anyone can use it as long as they have the skill to do so.

Cost to create is x1.5 the DM Guide for gold and exp.

Crafting Magic Arms & Armor

Magical weapons and armor are made for a specific person. The cost to create comes from their soul, thus binding it to them.

1) Gold costs are from the DM guide @ the normal costs for the ritual supplies and materials.
2) If you take the creation feat, you may charge people extra for your own time and effort.
3) The EXP costs come the person who its made for, not the creator at 1.5x the DM guide cost.

If you find existing magical weapons or armor, you can have it bound to you instead of the former owner.

1) 50% the gp cost form the DM guide for ritual materials
2) Normal DM guide EXP cost from you.
3) The person doing the ritual can charge you more gold for their services.
If not bound to you, its just a Masterwork item,

Wondrous Items

Creation cost is 1.5x of DM guide results on EXP and Gold
No stacking of abilities (Boots of Striding and Springing and Flying and Stealth)
Ability Bonus Items max at +4. No more +6 or higher

General Rule Changes

  1. Small Humanoids do not suffer weapon size penalties. (Keplur Rule)
  2. No more free 5ft shifts OUT of combat. If you are in an existing melee combat or want to move into a melee combat with a 5ft shift, no problem. If you are in a melee combat, and want to 5ft shift out, you can do this without a AOO if that’s all you do. Shift out….. If you shift out and do anything else after that (unless a successful tumble), it provokes an attack of opportunity. (Shoot a bow, drink a potion, cast a spell) Like the Dark Heresy rule…
  3. No Over-sized Weapons- If your medium and its large, its too cumbersome for you to be effective against people or creatures.
  4. No Monkey Grip Feat
  5. Melee reach weapons do not grant reach based Attacks of Opportunity (Spiked Chain) You still get reach when attacking, just not the AAO for moving through the squares to you, around you, etc.
  6. You still get reach based Attacks of Opportunity if you are Large…This is due to the size, not the weapon itself.
  7. Any fly type or mass travel spells last minutes per caster level. Not hours.
  8. Grappling doesn’t cause free damage any anymore. It basically just pins the person.
  9. If you are dis-armed and pick-up your weapon without the need to move more than 5ft, it doesn’t provoke a AOO

Your characters.

Can be any base class and common race to start. Starting L2….. We can roll them up next week…Alignment can be anything but you will be starting off in the Moonsea area and the current ruler of your region is a Bane worshiper. Not saying you have to be that or evil, but just wanted to make you aware. Your characters will be in their late teens in a small town about 25 miles from the keep. We can work on individual histories if you want.


500g, 1 month for entire new class
50g a level for existing class, two week
Let me know if you have any questions

Forgotten Realms

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